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Mortierella Alpina Oil

Mortierella alpina oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids and is extracted from the Mortierella fungus. The oil has a high content of arachidonic acid, which is the foremost omega 6 fatty acid present in the brain. Arachidonic acid is also found in breast milk and plays a pivotal role in the development of the brain and nervous system in infants.
Bodybuilders use Mortierella alpina oil to bulk up and build muscles. It is one of the primary ingredients in baby formula and is added to mimic the health giving properties of human breast milk. Pharmaceutical companies use the oil to manufacture various diet supplements.
Health Benefits
Mortierella alpina oil has a high content of arachidonic acid, which incidentally occurs abundantly in the gray matter of the brain as well as in the cell membranes of nerve cells. The consumption of Mortierella alpina oil thus boosts brain activity and is instrumental in the exchange of signals among nerve cells. The extracted oil enhances eyesight by facilitating a process in the eyes known as phototransducion where light is converted to electrical signals and then translated by the brain as vision. Arachidonic acid is also known to possess age-reversing properties.
Health Concerns
An excess amount of Mortierella alpina oil could lead to toxicity in the body. People with obesity should desist from consuming products containing Mortierella alpina oil as the arachidonic acid present further adds to their weight loss woes by promoting the build up of fatty tissue in the body.
Other Names
Arachidonic acid

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