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Oleoresin Paprika (E160c) What is this number? 

(Redirected from Extractives of Paprika)
Oleoresin Paprika is primarily used as a coloring and flavoring agent in a variety of food products. It is essentially an extract that is derived from Capsicum Annum Linn and Indian red chilies. It is composed of a pungent flavoring compound called capsaicin and several carotenoids such as capsorubin and capsanthin, which make it an excellent coloring agent. Oleoresin Paprika gives foods a deep red coloration. It is obtained by extracting plants fats from sweet red peppers.
Oleoresin Paprika is commercially used as a colorant in a variety of food products such as sauces, orange juice, cheese and processed meats. The colorant is mixed with poultry feed to give egg yolks a deeper color. It is also used as a flavoring spice.
Health Benefits
Oleoresin Paprika does not merit any known health benefits.
Health Concerns
Oleoresin Paprika is natural and completely benign. It does not cause any adverse health effects, so much so that in the United States it is exempt from certification.
Other Names
Extractives of Paprika, Paprika extract, Paprika Oleoresin

Some products with Extractives of Paprika

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Comments about Extractives of Paprika

Wendie Collins
You are saying that it is natural and completely benign. What about the fact that extractives of paprika is derived from hexane extracting methods? Not all of the hexane is removed from the extracting process so there are traces of hexane in the finished product. Hexane is far from natural!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | Reply
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