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Disodium Inosinate (E631) What is this number?  [C10H11N4Na2O8P]

Disodium Inosinate
Disodium Inosinate
Disodium inosinate is a salt, generally animal in origin, and is used in conjunction with MSG. Disodium Inosinate is usually sold combined with disodium guanalyte in a 50:50 mixture called disodium ribotides. The I + G combined with glutamates impart a savoury flavour to foods even when added in very small amounts.
Disodium Inosinate is used as a flavour enhancer and intensifier. It gives food a salty flavor. This ingredient is found in canned foods, snack foods, soups, instant noodles, sauces, cured meats, salad dressing, potato chips, and a variety of other processed foods.
Health Benefits
Disodium Inosinate is important for storing energy in the body's muscles and tissues and for the metabolism of cell nucleotides.
Health Concerns
Vegetarians should avoid disodium inosinate as they are generally animal-derived. People with kidney stones or suffering from gout should limit their intake of purines. As a flavour enhancer, disodium inosinate contains MSG which can cause a burning sensation to the skin, producing reddened areas and a flushed look. Other reported side effects include numbness and a lack of sensation in the mouth area, chest and arm, profuse sweating, and gastric discomfort.
Other Names
Disodium 5' -inosinate, Sodium 5' -inosinate
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Betsy Dirks
Disodium 5' -inosinate

Saturday, May 4, 2013 | Reply
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