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Butter Oil

When water and non-fat milk concentrates are entirely removed from butter or cream, only its fat content remains and it is commonly known as Butter oil. Butter oil, enriched with fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K is an excellent source of milk fat. It comes in pale yellow color and has a bland taste.
Butter oil is highly valued in the dairy product industry, where it is combined with skimmed milk powder to form liquid milk and a range of milk products. Due to its easy melting and mixing properties with different food ingredients it is extensively used as a cooking medium. In confectionary industry, while baking different food items like crackers, butter oil is sprayed on the surface to increase the sheen. It is also used in ice-cream manufacturing.
Health Benefits
Enriched with Vitamin A, butter oil regulates thyroid function and also promotes eye vision. A source of lenoleic acid, it acts as powerful anti-cancer agents, builds muscle and also boosts immunity power. With good cholesterol content, butter oil also develops nervous system and aids in growth of children’s’ brain. A rich source of Vitamin K2, it is very effective for treating osteoporosis, arthritis, tuberculosis, asthma and emphysema.
Health Concerns
Fat content in butter oil increases risk of cardio vascular disease. Over indulgence of butter oil in diet can make you obese. It also boosts cholesterol level in body.
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