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Getting Fit in the New Year

By Sara Lasker on Thursday, January 2, 2014
Ahh.. The beginning of a new year! We all know what that means: time for those New
Year's Resolutions. The following are some simple tips on how to make your New
Year's Resolution a Healthy Lifestyle Habit vs. something you forget about in a month!

Focus on fitness not fatness.
If you want to lose weight focus on improving your lifestyle rather than attaining a
specific weight goal. Your lifestyle is really the only thing under your control. A
healthful lifestyle will eventually help you reach the best achievable weight for you a weight you maintain in good health. Avoid restrictive diets, since they lead to food cravings, failures, and guilt.

Develop an enjoyable exercise program.
Exercise for the right reasons: To be healthy and feel good. Exercise builds self confidence and appreciation for your body's power, endurance, and strength. Sports can help you appreciate your body's skill and agility. Exercise helps you to relax and feel good about your life as well as control weight and improve muscle definition. And, of course, as a byproduct of your enjoyment, exercise can help you look better!

Be A Good Role Model
Avoid conversations about how imperfect your body is or about the latest diet craze. Don't gossip about who needs to lose weight. Be aware of making judgments based on a person's appearance. Compliment people on something besides how they look.

Avoid Dieting Gimmicks
It's gimmicks galore in the dieting industry. Eat grapefruit to burn more calories, avoid bread to stay thin, flush fat from your body when you eat fruit are just a few of the millions of tricks people are pushing to "help" you lose weight.

Bottom Line
Cut through the clutter of claims and remember these 4 points:
  1. All food contains calories
    If you eat more than your body burns, you'll gain weight. It doesn't matter if those
    calories are from peanut butter or cucumber
  2. Nothing you eat burns calories
    Eating grapefruit before a meal is good advice because it's a nutritious fruit and contains only a small number of calories. But its ability to burn any other calories you eat is wishful thinking.
  3. No magic potion, pill, or machine can help you lose weight quickly and effortlessly.
    "Diet drugs" have been around for awhile. To date, their long-term success is
    questionable, and it's too early to tell what the long-term side effects will be. Short-term complications such as heart valve problems, have already surfaced. These products should only be used if they are prescribed and monitored by a medical doctor who is familiar with you and your family's medical history.
  4. Foods can be eaten in just about any combination
    They do not need to be strategically paired. Every few years, a new "food-combining" diet appears claiming that you should or shouldn't eat certain types of foods at the same time.
So get ready for 2014 armed with some basic tools and the knowledge that everything in moderation is the key to a successful new and improved you!
About the Author
Sara Lasker is a health educator with a master's in Health Education with a focus on Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and a Bachelor's in Science in Elementary Education from Montana State University, Bozeman. Sara has worked as a medical assistant for the University of Washington Diabetes Care Center and as a Youth Programs Associate Manager for the American Diabetes Association.

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